IISS -IR Illumination Sync' System

The Provision-ISR IR PTZ Camera is equipped with a smart synchronization system between the lens's zoom factors to the IR illumination intensity.
In simple words it means that there is correlation between the zoom position and the IR illumination strength: the more the camera zooms in the stronger and narrower the IR light will be.

These IR cameras are equipped with integral 7 LED array divided to 3 groups providing different illumination angles and distances. This was designed to provide perfect illumination coverage at any focal position from the widest scene to the narrowest. Each LED group will turn on/off at the appropriate time, to ensure an equal level of illumination and preventing Over/Under exposure.


Each PTZ camera needs a proper configuration of communication protocol, baud-rate and ID so it can properly communicate with the control device.

In order to make it as easy as possible for the installer to setup, we have created a new standard of Convenience. The camera can be configured by one of 2 options:

- DIP switch (Hardware)
Using DIP switch is the traditional way for PTZ camera communication configuration, but we have moved the DIP Switch out so it will be more accessible. Setting it can be done externally without the need of opening the entire camera.

- Camera Menu (Software)
Changing tiny and confusing switches during installation can be real burden while it can be done comfortably by software from a control center.
In the new IR PTZ we implemented new software that allows you to set the camera's communications remotely by any RS-485 controller

Same as all PTZ cameras in the Ultra-Z series also the IR version Designed with Junction Box, but this time we took it one step further….
Now the installer can make all cables connection not only externally but also "hands free" thanks to an axis between the junction box which connects to the wall and its cover which holds the camera. This allows the installer to connect cables freely.




- RS485 Connectivity
- Preset speed of 240°/Sec (max)
- Preset accuracy up to 0.1°
- Endless 360° Pan Rotation
- 180° continuous tilt with Auto flip
- 128 Preset positions
- 4 pattern, Auto scan and 8 Smart group tour
- Alarm (I/O): 1 Input /1 Output
- 4 privacy zone masking
- Auto parking and power up action
- Full function OSD Menu
- Water-proof and dust-proof IP66
- Build-In Fan (Heater Optional)
- Excellent High Resolution Picture Quality
- True day/night with ICR flitter
- Enhanced Noise Reduction
- WB/BLC/AGC (Z-27s Only)
- Flicker less
- Slow Shutter