The new Ultra-Z
speed dome
  Ultra-Z gives you more of everything......
it is faster, it is more accurate, it is easier to install
and it's video Performance is better than ever!
Ultra-Z series present an amazing "Preset" speed of 400 per second. (max)
This amazing speed is posible due to Ultra-Z advaced mechanical motors system.
Installation Friendly
While designing the new Ultra-Z we took into consideration not only the camera performance but also the installation convenience as well. That is why we created an external "connection box" so the installer can easily and safely do all camera connections without opening the camera.
Ultra-Z high speed dome series perform an outstanding "Preset" accuracy of up to 0.05°.
Making just a high speed dome camera is not hard; the challenging part is making a high speed camera along with remarkable Preset accuracy level. High Preset Accuracy Level means that once you define a preset, even after thousands of working hours, the camera will "hit the target" and never lose the Preset scene.Provision-ISR Ultra-Z high speed dome series perform at an outstanding preset accuracy level along with excellent speed performance.
High Resolution
Ultra-Z cameras preform true high resolution of 550TVL with improved night performance and Digital Noise reduction (DNR).
Smart Prest Video Setting
Smart Preset Video Setting is a unique feature for Provision-ISR Ultra-Z cameras. While other cameras allows you to set a
preset position, only with our "Smart Preset setting" can you define exclusive Video Parameters such as Focus mode, Colors, Stabilizer, Auto Slow Shutter, White Balance and AE mode according to the
different scenes of each preset.
Time Schedule Function
This advance function allows you to set a schedule to make the camera run different functions such as
preset,pattern,group and auto scan at different times.
The user can define up to seven different schedules.
Group function (smart tour)
Utra-Z series allows you to set a "Smart Tour–Group" which can include a combination of: Preset, Pattern and Auto Scan.
Ultra-- I/O
The new Ultra-Z is equipped with built in
8 alarm Inputs and 4 alarm Outputs so
you can "Interface" the camera with other
devices such as alarm systems, buzzers and so on.All connections can be done externally from the "connection box".
Ultra-IP 66
The Ultra-Z series Ingress Protection
Rating is 66 so it is perfectly water-proof and dust-proof for any type of outdoor application. The power adapter provided with the camera is IP66 as well.