Provision-ISR. The benchmark for excellence without compromise.

Every brand has a story and so does Provision-ISR.

We are honoured to share a glimpse of their story with you. Knowledge is power and we believe in growing our readers with as much knowledge as possible.

Provision-ISR is a multinational company that was founded in Israel in 2006. Due to Israel being under the threat of terrorism for decades, they have come to excel in homeland security.

Provision-ISR’s array of devices covers a range of different camera series, specifically designed to help the installers to find the best-suited solution for their customers. They design CCTV cameras for every type of customers; from the business owner to the everyday homeowner.

The technical specialists at Provision-ISR understand that in today’s world knowledge is power however it’s extremely difficult to stay knowledgeable in today’s ever-changing technological world. Therefore, Provision’s technical specialists have come up with a few solutions to keep you up to date: they release How-to tutorial’s every time a new solution is launched and they organize Technical Webinars to help keep customers informed and answer most frequently asked questions.

Provision-ISR also prides themselves with compatibility. They don’t believe in choosing between brands and/or technologies and have designed their products to be compatible with other brands. Their AHD DVR are 5in1 and the AHD cameras are 4in1 meaning it can be connected together and with any technology out there with no issues.

At Provisions-ISR, they have the philosophy that “advanced” shouldn’t mean “complicated”. Their Israeli engineers aim to develop advanced software that has simple and intuitive user interfaces. Assisting the installer with easy to follow step and instructions is key to ensure a smoother installation process.

The software developers at Provision-ISR are always sure to keep their eye out for any new technological advances and developments. Their software and apps are always striving to follow the latest trend in the technology market.

In Provision-ISR’s eyes, every person (from the manufacturer to the distributor, to the installer, to the end-user) does their own part to make to the company run smoothly and thus should have the respect they deserve. Both the distributors and the installers who choose Provision-ISR feel confident with the Brand who daily demonstrates its approach with concrete action.

Provision-ISR represents a One-Stop-Shop for all CCTV product needs. Our range of products includes a full series of tested and reliable accessories, many of which are specifically designed for the CCTV market!

If you would like to view our Provision-ISR products, please visit our website alternatively go check out Provision-ISR’s website for more information on what they do