LPR camera: License plate recognition

Have you ever wondered how the technology has been put together to make a camera so sophisticated to read, recognise, and analyse license plates?

It is absolutely amazing, how engineers can program software to enable a camera to only focus on one purpose and to give you detailed information regarding this specific instruction.

License plate recognition has been an essential part of the security industry for a long time and every new update in the software proves the advanced ability that this specific niche in the industry has to offer. In security, one has to be able to offer the customer the solution they desire, and this is why engineers across the world focus their time on only achieving that.

For example, if you have a transportation company monitoring, controlling and managing traffic is critical to a successful transportation operation.


Your business is responsible for law enforcement and must track public and/or government-issued vehicles as part of your crime reduction efforts.


You may need a license plate recognition solution to track vehicles, manage on-site car parking spaces, and warehouse traffic in real-time.

And we know all of this. We know what our clients and installers need, so we try and find the best in the industry for you.

Do you need some help with License Plate Recognition (LPR) solutions?

Here are the details of our own unique LPR camera and it’s spectacular.

We focus on not only presenting a beautiful looking camera, but the functionalities are amazing.


Watch a real-life implementation here.

More information can be found in this presentation.

This LPR camera is not used by all security companies and installers, however, we want to make sure we offer our clientele the option of adding this into their array of offerings. Across the globe there are many different LPR cameras, however, we would like to point out some awesome features that the PROVISION ISR LPR camera offers:

Gate Control – Enter and exit control

Road Control – Licence plate surveillance

Parking – Parking lot management

Tollbooth Control – Allow/deny access and keep a record of entry/exit

3-year warranty

Easy to install

Free software updates


I told you, just the best for our clients!

As an installer make sure when you look into these advanced units that you’re offering for your clients, to look into the specs of the units. Price should not be the main focus, but specification should be.

That’s the product for this week, go to our previous blogs to learn more about our other products.

Be safe and remember we are open for business,

The HiTek Security Team