Givat Shmuel 3-towers Building – Israel

This complex in Givat Shmuel features 3 residential towers with a 4 story parking lot of 6000 meters.25 Provision-ISR 2MP IP cameras (model I4-390IPAVF, I3-390IPA36 and DI-390IPSVF) were installed in each tower in order to monitor the main entrance of the buildings, lobbies, elevators entrances, playroom entrances and all parking lots.The cameras, connected to 2 […]

Biblical Zoo – Israel

The installation company had to deal with a few challenges related to the very dark lighting environment on one hand and to the aquarium dazzling lighting on the other. In order to overcome the “problematic” lighting conditions, the camera needed to be able to identify faces and deal with dazzling and dark with LUX especially […]