Biblical Zoo – Israel

The installation company had to deal with a few challenges related to the very dark lighting environment on one hand and to the aquarium dazzling lighting on the other. In order to overcome the “problematic” lighting conditions, the camera needed to be able to identify faces and deal with dazzling and dark with LUX especially low.
The selected IP cameras (model BX-251IP, DAI-340IP5VF, DI-390IPS36 and I5PT-390AX10) met these requirements.
The installation company also had to overcome large distances (400 meter between the cameras and the recording device (NVR5-32800-1U) using switches able to amplify the signal and video.


Stretching across almost 100 acres, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is ranked year after year, as one of the top tourist sites in Israel, attracting over 750,000 visitors annually.
The Zoo opened in Malha neighborhood in 1993, having been located in various locations in Jerusalem since 1941. The establishment of the zoo in its present form was made possible thanks to the generosity of Tisch family of New York, under the auspices of the Jerusalem Foundation. The uniqueness of the zoo, is the representation of zoological collection of wild animals, which have been mentioned in the Bible.