Do you have sales coming in?

When your doors are physically closed, you must do everything in your power to get your business online. Teach people what you know, share your knowledge and build an income stream through a skill you already have.

Education is key and people will pay to learn from you if you offer them the opportunity. I honestly believe that every business type can form a new source of income online and now is the time to do so. In our different businesses, we are looking into each platform and coming up with new sales ideas and new services to offer our clients to generate some form of income, which will allow us to generate enough money to keep paying our staff.

This is a perfect time to advertise yourself, your business and everything you stand for. This will allow your customers to get to know you better and grow into the whole ‘ know, like and trust’ factor that you need to grow your customer base.

Like most businesses, Zoom is perfect for office use, communicating with staff and even customers. You could train your customers via zoom, 1:1 calls and personal discussions. Some businesses are focusing on groups coaching and making sure the knowledge of their staff and employees are always growing.

Are you thinking of making pre-booking services while being closed? You can contact your regular customers and see if you can pre-book a follow-up meeting to check equipment, do a free quote on-site (for after lockdown) or even send out quotations with very good discount structures for when the lockdown is over. Make sure you also book your required stock ahead of time, to prevent price increase and other unforeseen changes that could affect your profit.

Keep planning for the future and make changes wherever it is needed now.

Look for new marketing opportunities to advertise your business. People need to know about you now and there is great space on social for you to do this. You might not be comfortable putting yourself so much out there, but remember, everything is closed, money is slow and people will be struggling to find their way out. Stay ahead of the crowd by focusing on positive mindset challenges, and learn from those who are ahead of you and setting examples for those to follow.

Currently, the news is on, and they are saying shocking statistics of the millions of people without work already. The thousands of businesses that have permanently closed and the thousands of people that will be without any income from next month. These facts are scary but true.

Look deep into your business and see what options you have. Find the fighter inside of you to succeed no matter what. Keep thinking of new ideas and take action now. Not tomorrow, but now.

Call your customers and find out from them directly how you can help them during this time. You never know what they might request from you, that you have not thought about yet!

Stay motivated and stay focused.

We want to help, reach out to us. We are here to help you!

Clyde and The Hitek Family