Get to know Inim Electronics. A name to remember in progressive intrusion technology

INIM Electronics is an Italian based security company, who specialise in keeping you safe from all aspects. Their vision is to protect the lives of people and to ensure that the things you hold precious to you do not go up in smoke. Their mission is to find new ways to protect the lives of people and their property.

Inim is an officially certified 100% “Made in Italy” product. Everything from the design to production, to testing to manuals, all the way through to marketing; every stage is met with meticulous testing on the production line. This is how the best-integrated systems for anti-intrusion, fire prevention, home-automation, emergency lighting and advanced connectivity are created. Each Inim device is certified by following the latest National and European standards, issued by the most authoritative international certification bodies.

Inim security systems protect spaces from intrusion, theft and break-in attempts. They guarantee high accuracy in detection and alarm signalling, counteracting sabotage actions. They exceed the limits of traditional systems through versatile and easy to use technologies.

Livin’home is Inim’s home automation system that manages your home with a simple touch. A unique solution to make living in any kind of environment in an easy, comfortable and functional way. It’s a modular system that offers different ways of access and management able to coexist. A customizable solution based on your habits and your personal way of living. At the base of Livin’home is the solid processing of Inim that contains the unparalleled security experience in the protection of property and people.

With Inim you can combine fire detection with EVAC systems and emergency lighting, to create an integrated system that provides the protected premises with 360° security. Thanks to its refined design, every Inim product blends perfectly into any architectural environment. With Inim you can choose from the wide range of integrated packages in their “one-stop-shop” solution, to configure systems of all sizes in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional settings.

With their Alien Mobile app, you can remotely protect your home or business from intruders, guarantee that you have the suitable fire protection, home automation and emergency lighting. The app allows you to effortlessly and swiftly secure your home, and manage your home-automation appliances, simply by tapping on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. We can’t think of another company that makes your life that much easier, is reliable and provides you with the best protection.

Here are the apps that make your life easier: Inim Cloud, InimTech Security and Inimagic. Inim Cloud is the web space for secure remote management of your installations, from any device, from wherever you are. InimTech Security is a work tool for managing your installations and mobile maintenance that offers all the power of the Cloud. Inimagic is the app that lets you view Inim products in real application context on any Smartphone or tablet.

Their technical team provides direct support in all technical and design sectors. They offer a complete series of technical and information tools that will prove useful in your work. They also offer product manuals, technical sheets, metric calculations, installation typical, and Technical and wiring diagrams. Inim also organizes advanced fire-protection courses dedicated to Inim products and updates on the evolution of the regulatory framework of the fire sector. Courses that issue officially recognized Professional Training Credits. Like the Focus Tour, an event that takes place inside the Inim auditorium or on the premises of our customers all over the world. A precious opportunity for improvement and professional accreditation as a designer.

If you would like to view Inim’s products, head over to our website!