Meet our Technical Manager

Meet our Technical Manager, Justin

Justin has been part of the HiTek Security family for a very long time and has grown his knowledge of the security industry tremendously since his first day. Justin has always had a very humble and friendly nature about him and has a very natural gentle nature with his customers. Since his first day at our Cape Town branch, he has trained and managed his technical team to represent HiTek in the same manner that he does.

Justin’s technical team works closely with him to create a unit formation to service all customers equally and efficiently. Managing the technical department and clients from over the whole of SA, has taught us many lessons and also encourage many much nurtured relationships.



“Justin is always friendly and very helpful. More than that he is very patient, providing guidance telephonically can sometimes be frustrating and Justin has a very good way to communicate and assist fast and efficiently to myself and my technicians.  Justin is my go-to person when I need any help.” -Mark Matthews (Client Installer)



Justin also leads our in house training and one-on-one training sessions with clients and their technical teams. He strives to assist all our clients to increase their own technical understand of our brands and to work with the product more confidently. In the CCTV and Alarm world, technology is always changing, improving and upgrading and you have to continuously improve and sharpen your own knowledge. Justin is excellent at this and makes it his prime focus to be on top of all latest news and development.

Our branches offer all technical support and when you visit any of our locations you will find a very friendly technical staff member ready to assist you. Our technicians understand that our client’s time is very limited and every second counts. We cross assist (technicians from our other branches can also assist any branch client) with technical support wherever possible to get to customers satisfaction faster.

If you would like to book a training session with Justin for yourself and your technical team, let us know, so we can assist you in the growing and learning phase.

We love Justin’s energy for life and friendly nature in our office, there is always something to smile, laugh and joke about with Justin in the area. We thank him for bringing so much love into our business and for his amazing customer service to all our clients.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

The HiTek Team