Neot Hovav Recycling Center – Israel

Due to the large number of thefts, there was a need to deploy cameras that cover the all factory’s area.
Despite the difficulties in the installation (Fiber optic layout, High-altitude installations) 60 security 3MP IP cameras were installed around the factory, controlled by 2 thirty two channels NVRs.
Software: Provision-ISR CMS allows the authorized managers to enter and view the system.


Elcon is an industrial wastewater treatment service provider, addressing the needs of companies with highly polluted aqueous hazardous wastes, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Elcon revolutionary approach introduces an integrated solution, using innovative thermal oxidation technology, which treats a wide array of organic effluents – guaranteed to treat even the most difficult organic wastewater.
Neot Hovav industrial park was founded in 1975, about 12 km south to Beer Sheva and represents a unique model for sustainable industry.
This is a model for regional development combining industry with commitment to the environment.
The council maintains the principle of transparency and publishes full information in environmental and sustainability issues in the region of Neot Hovav.