OPAP SA Headquarters – Greece (NEW PROJECT)

EASY CHECK contactless testing unit for temperature check, mask detection and access control

Due to the spread of COVID-19, more and more companies are taking measures to protect their employees and customers.

Signal Electronics Security was chosen among various integrators from OPAP SA, one of the biggest corporations in Greece, to deploy an access control system in order to control 124 various door types within its premises. The specific request was a fever / mask detection solution, integrated with the existing access control system.

Due to the volume of the people to be handled on a daily basis more than 1500 entries/exits every day, the selected unit must perform ultra-fast and with very high accuracy. Signal Electronics Security chose Provision-ISR EASY CHECK contactless testing unit.

The device was easily programmed and worked almost out of the box with minimal effort. It was easily integrated with all doors and even turnstiles, where the user shall swipe the access control card, and then EASY CHECK inspects for fever and mask detection.

EASY CHECK fulfilled all requirements, working flawless since day one and with zero complaints from the customer.

Installed devices: