Pure Italian excellence. Welcome to Duevi.

For over twenty years Duevi has ensured to meet your every need for protection by developing a full range of advanced solutions whether it’s for your home or for protecting your business. Their Anti-Intrusion, Perimeter and CCTV devices are guaranteed to provide high performance, reliability, and keep you and the things you care about safe.

All of their devices are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. The hardware and software components of their devices are the result of Duevi’s technical team’s continuous investment in research and innovative technology.

Duevi prides themselves with a team of young, highly qualified professionals, who are always developing advanced systems that meet market demands. This dynamic team of engineers with diverse skills in designing products that meet every protection need. Duevi also has a specialized team to provide customers with prompt, efficient and timely service; to ensure that you are always kept up to date.

Duevi’s Anti-Intrusion devices include control panels that are combined with a wide range of accessories developed to make your life easier and safer. Thanks to their reliability and versatility, there Anti-Intrusion devices are the ideal solution for the protection of residential facilities, the larger technological systems, and for protecting your business.

Along with Anti-Intrusion systems, Duevi creates Perimeter Systems. These consist of advanced outdoor sensors, which are made from the latest technologies. Their technical team combine the highest performance in terms of security to flexibility of use without competitors.

Their CCTV system introduces an innovative range of professional video products, a new concept of CCTV systems thanks to the integration of all the latest technologies: PoE power supply, IP megapixel cameras and 360-degree panoramic vision.

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