PV Farms – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Surveillance of more than 100 photovoltaic farms across Poland

The photovoltaic (PV) farm project is designed to supply power to the electricity grid. The project includes over 100 locations all over the country designed to boost renewable energy sources in the country and foster a transition to a low carbon emission economy.

The project consists in the creation and delivery of CCTV surveillance of PV farm premises often in harsh weather conditions.

Since 2019, over 2700 Provision-ISR IP cameras have been installed in the above-mentioned Polish PV farms.

Currently Installed devices:

2700 X IP CAMERAS (Since 2019)

I5PT-390IPX4P; I5PT-390IPX10P; I2-320IPS28

20 X NVRs (Since mid-2020)