Shutdowns are scary

Right now, at this very moment, it is such a hard time to be a business owner. By the time you are reading this, our own country has taken a new turn of events. We are closing down businesses, close our doors to shops not only due to what the government has suggested or instructed but also due to the safety of our staff, ourselves and to prevent our businesses from going bankrupt.

How do you keep a positive mindset during all of this? How are you dealing with all of the changes that are happening?

Today we are not going to talk about the bad that’s going on, but about what you should be doing while all of this is going on around you.

We personally understand exactly how scary and how uncertain these times can be. As we own businesses in malls, manage property and have several locations across SA. We manage over 60 staff and carry their concerns as well.

We have always been people that look at life full of opportunities and we always try to see the glass half full. Yes, even now, we sit down every day, re-plan and re-look at our current situation and plan what we will do going forward. It is essential that you continue to focus on the future, for when this all will pass and how you will be stronger at the end. You need to focus on what you need to do every day, what tasks you need to perform each day and how you will come up with plans, ideas and creative ways to ensure you do not fall behind.

Remember, you as business owners are not alone. We are millions of business owners and businesses affected by this and how you handle this will set you apart from the rest.

Firstly, make sure you have the right mindset and consume daily positive content to help you grow your knowledge. This is the perfect time to learn, research your market and build up marketing ideas and structures for when the country is ready to start rebuilding.

This is not just a money game, it is mostly a mind game. If you want to survive, if you want to succeed and come out stronger on the other side, then yes, you can do this. Use this time to connect with mentors, coaches and business icons that are also in the same position, sharing knowledge and wisdom. Take notes, plan, brainstorm and ask for advice whenever you can.

Come up with new ideas, new business projects or even a new venture. Book clients for the future and stay connected with your customers even while your business is in shut down. This is essential so they can feel supported during this time. Remember you will need your clients when you open your doors again, so keep them happy, supported and make sure they know you are thinking of them too during this time.

Make sure you have a plan, I cannot stress this enough. Start each day new. Even if yesterday was bad, you felt depressed, tired and run-down, get up again. Try again.

Prepare yourself and take it day by day. Use this time to rest, spend it with your family indoors and remember to always have your thinking cap on.

Be safe.

Nicolene and Clyde