Tamir Nahalal Farm – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

Trespasser detection with DDA Analytics Cameras

In 2020 the “Tamir Nahalal Farm’s owner approached Moshe Isaac, who owns “M.I. Security and Communication Systems” and together they chose Provision-ISR devices to monitor the farm 24/7. Their choice was due to the advanced video analysis functions that characterize Provision-ISR IP-V2 solutions (such as face recognition, vehicle/pedestrian detection, line-crossing, object monitoring, etc).

The installation required cameras’ placement on two focal points simultaneously: cameras aimed at the cowshed and the farm fences, to detect the approach of strangers within a meter and a half from the fences. A lifting crane was used for camera installations on top of the fodder warehouse with fine-tuning the placements, to get full coverage of the entire farm.

The “Tamir Nahalal Farm” located amidst the fields of moshav “Nahalal” (a cooperative Israeli settlement), specializes in raising & fattening imported young calves and selling them to the meat industry. The farm size is 22 by 70 meters, somewhat isolated from the settlement, and requires 24/7 surveillance. The farm’s location, the burglaries, and the cattle thefts, especially at night, needed the constitution of an advanced security system for surveillance and protection.

Installed devices:

14 X I3-390IP5SVF for surveillance and oversight,

1 X NVR8-32800F(1U)).

1 ALARM SIREN model PR-HS-30

 The deployment of the new security system has saved the farm’s owner the ongoing costs of an on-premises guard and a command post.