The Foundation of Hitek Security


Did you know

Hitek Security opened their doors for the first time in 2007, founded by Tomer and Nicolene Elhadad.
Tomer (Clyde) had a dream to bring better quality security products to the security market here in South Africa,
he saw an opportunity to do just that and once we decided to sell nationally, our business grew tremendously.

However, everything starts small….and for us even the size of our “store room” was small.



This metal locker was where we kept all our imported stock. Everything we imported from the factory was via
airfreight (tremendously expensive) but as our clientele grew, so did our orders and after a lot of hard work,
long nights and stressful days, we ordered our first sea freight nearly 2 years into our business.

We had to wait over 5 weeks to get the stock, and had to learn how to handle customers during this time, as
nobody wanted to wait for stock. Stock control, planning, advertising and managing and sharing information
correctly to clients was a great learning curve for us. This allowed us to learn from all our many mistakes.
We believe that learning from your own mistakes ( and even more from others ) is only valuable if you don’t
make the same mistake again.

Today we have over 2000 s/m of warehouse space and we are still growing. Growth takes time, do not let
anyone tell you differently. BUT, learning from other successful people’s mistakes  can help you grow faster.
We have started to look up to more successful entrepreneurs and have structured and moved our businesses
in different directions to also grow more. Offering our clients more value for money.

We believe you should always be growing, through learning, re-structuring and building new platforms to keep
your business active, alive and interesting. Building a dream, happens day by day…

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