Under the HiTek umbrella

When we started the business 13 years ago, we had a dream to give safety to people and make their way of living better. As our business grew, we identified more and more areas we felt like we could make a difference in.

So, we thought it was time that we share our Hitek-umbrella with you.

As a security company we try and offer the best products, and because of that, we import a lot of our products from international companies to ensure great quality. After a few years in the security business industry, we found that working with importing and exporting companies often turn into a hassle.

My wife and I sat around the dining table and started brainstorming on how we could make this process easier, not only for us but for our current clients as well.

And so Hitek Clearing and Forwarding was created.

HiTek Clearing & Forwarding offers a wide variety of services. This covers everything from import planning and costing, forwarding, customs clearing through to services bordering on full supply chain management and logistic solutions.

After being almost ten years in the business owner game we started connecting with a lot of other entrepreneurs or people who were interested in starting their own business. We immediately found that a big stress point and fear for business owners is bookkeeping and making sure all their financial documents are in order.

We saw a gap in the market, and we took it. We started Hitek Accounting to help other small businesses grow and obtain their financial goals. We love to share our knowledge and connect with our clients and Hitek Accounting. It allowed us to make it easier for small business owners out there.

Both the Hitek wings are still family-owned businesses and we and our teams treat our clients as one of us.

If you are already part of the Hitek security family or even if you are a newcomer and need some help with your business in these areas contact us.

We would love to help you.

HiTek Clearing and Forwarding
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HiTek Accounting
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Until next week, keep safe

Clyde & Nicolene Elhadad.