Wezi-Tec Sp. z o.o. – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Modernization of the surveillance system monitoring manufacturing halls and offices

The Weber Group is a leading manufacturer of automotive components with plants in Germany, Poland, and China.

The Polish plant (Wezi-Tec Sp. z o.o.) is located in the city of Legnica with over 600 employees manufacturing complex pre-finished automotive interior modules.

The project consisted in complete modernization of the surveillance system including manufacturing halls and office spaces.

The surveillance system was upgraded from an obsolete HD system to a Provision-ISR IP V2 system.

Installed devices:


40x I2-320IPS-28, 17x DI-320IPS-28

  • NVRs

3x NVR8-32800RFA(2U)


40x JB14IP66