Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony w Płocku – Poland

The constant development and modernization in terms of ultimate diagnostic methods, fully equipped laboratories and new departments also included the installation of a brand new Provision-ISR CCTV system including:
– 81 4MP IP dome cameras, fix lens (model DI-340IP528)
– 44 4MP IP dome cameras, motorized varifocal lens (model DI-340IP5SMVF)
– 18 4MP IP bullet cameras, varifocal lens (model I4-251IP5VF)
– 2 sixty four and hundred twenty eight channels NVRs (model NVR5-641600-2U and NVR5-128RT-3U)


The Hospital in Płock, is one of the largest health care facilities operating in the north-western Mazovia region.
in 2015, the expansion of the provincial hospital in Płock, has brought about significant improvements in the provision of paediatric, oncology, bacteriology and dialysis. The 12,337 m2 of modernised floor space in the two-storey building now provides 75 new beds and a total of 16 new dialysis stations. The dialysis machinery allows many more people access to dialysis near their home.
Another major improvement was the upgraded pharmacy unit, which is now capable of producing its own anti-cancer drugs and provide the necessary equipment and expertise to an intravenous nutrition laboratory. The children wards have been upgraded to include private bathrooms and separate rooms for parents.
The project has improved patient care and staff working conditions and has raised the overall level of healthcare provision for the region.