Wsm Ochota (Moldawska 5) – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Surveillance network for a 144 apartments condominium complex

Moldawska 5 is a modern five-story residential building with high windows, glass balcony loggias, and high-quality materials.

The project consists of 114 functional, spacious, and bright apartments. The building features a mural on the sidewall that maps historic buildings of the district. The mural contributes to a high-quality urban space combining modernity with the memory of the past.

The CCTV project consisted in the creation of a surveillance network for the condominium complex.

The customer chose Provision-ISR HD cameras in 2MP.

Installed devices:


44 x I3-390AE36

8 x I3-390A36

3 x I3-3900A28

DVRs: 20 PCS (Since mid-2020)

36 x SH-4100A-2L

1 x SH-16200A5


55 x PTR-101VHD