IP Range

IP Protocol is the most common for communication between computer networks and the Internet. Therefore, it is ideal for streamin a high-quality video through networking infrastructure. IP surveillance technology offers a high-tech flexible solution without compromising reliability or picture quality.

IP Cameras


Our new S-SIGHT series provides you with all that you need for a simple installation. S-Sight cameras guarantee a very good image quality, improved night performance and make an outstanding value for money solution.


The new EYE-SIGHT series serves the security professionals who are seeking for a professional line featuring outstanding image quality, full connectivity and enhanced video analytics functions based on Artificial Intelligence.
Face detection and object detection have been added to all the EYE-SIGHT cameras and run on a new generation powerful AI CPU designed for this purpose.


Our brand-new SMART-SIGHT SERIES includes high performances AI cameras, designed for specific purposes such as face recognition, license plate recognition and perimeter protection.
All the components from the sensor, to the optics, through the CPU and even the lighting was especially selected to deliver the most accurate AI result for the required application.


Provision-ISR IP Special solutions (such as Fisheye cameras, Wireless cameras, PIR cameras, Box cameras or discrete solutions) are dedicated to the security professional who need to face the most uncommon requests.


If you’re monitoring large areas such as parking lots, industrial areas or convention centers, Provision-ISR PTZ camera allows you to both monitor the overall area and focus on suspicious activity.
This gives you a more flexible and functional surveillance system, especially when combined with fixed cameras that track room entrances and exits but cannot monitor the area at large.


The NVR can be considered be the “heart” of the IP System. Unlike a DVR, the NVR doesn’t compress the video signal received from the IP camera but only stores it the way it: the video signal, in fact, is already compressed by the camera. Provision-ISR range includes CONVENTIONAL NVRs and PoE NVRs.