• Provision CAM 2
  • Provision Cam2 is a free application for iOS & Android devices.
    It is compatible with all NVRs, DVRs and static IP Cameras.
    It offers the users full control over their devices including live view, playback and settings.
  • It is secured against unauthorized access and is user friendly and intuitive for all users.


  • Ability to see live captured people together with their temperature and recognition information.
  • Ability to search for faces and see their captured temperature.


Full control at your fingertips!

  • Login password gesture
  • Playback bar (pinch for zooming)
  • PTZ and motorized lens control
  • Drag & drop option to open device/channel live view
  • Fisheye view


Feel free to view the way you want it!

  • Visualize a mix of live view channels from different devices on one screen and keep it as a favorite group.
  • Visualize a mix of playback channels from different devices and play them back simultaneously.


Stay connected to your device and find out what’s going on by getting a push notification!

  • Motion
  • Analytic
  • Sensor
  • Channel/device malfunctions
  • HDD problem


Bring the new face recognition experience to your smartphone!

Why not use your smartphone to build your own face database?
You can capture faces directly from your APP instead of using your IP camera!

  • Take snapshots of faces and add them to the data base!
  • Pick up the face picture from your phone gallery and add them to the database!
  • Search for a specific person by taking his picture directly using the APP or use the existing database.


Share more by using any supported application on your

ProvisionCam2 APP allows you to share what you want through
any application installed on your smartphone such as: WhatsApp,
Facebook, WeChat, LinkedIn, Dropbox, E-mail and much more!

  • Share the QR code to allow your colleagues or family members to easily log-in to your device.
  • Share snapshots or video clips from both live view and playback.
  • Did you come across a problem? Share the problem log with our engineers directly through the App!


Enjoy the ultimate fisheye viewing experience!

We drew inspiration from the latest gaming and smartphone technologies to offer you a unique “virtual trip”!

  • Virtual reality – moving the phone in any direction will move the image accordingly!
  • Virtual PTZ – zoom in/out and move inside the image for a full 360° view!
  • Cylinder mode – get a 3D image and feel free to rotate and zoom the image with a swipe of a finger.


No need to access your device interface: all can be done from the Provision Cam2 APP!

  • Set your devices directly through the app with full configuration abilities as if you were actually at the installation site.
  • Add faces to your face database
  • Backup recorded files
  • Talk and listen to through supported devices
  • Activate your alarms
  • P2P connection directly to the camera (no NVR needed)