Standard Version

OSSIA VMS Standard is a standalone system.
In a standalone system a computer hardware or software is able to operate independently of other hardware or software. It provides itself with all the required data and information.

OSSIA VMS Standard supports Provision-ISR’s products and the devices from the main players in the security market. It is equipped with powerful video monitoring capabilities that supports real-time preview, centralized recording, local and remote playback, backup, alarm linkage, TV wall, keyboard control and more.

OSSIA VMS STANDARD VERSION supports up to 256 cameras and it is 100% License Free.

Enterprise Version

Ossia VMS Enterprise is a Server-Client System. In a server-client system the computer hardware or software serves as a client and must be connected to a server in order to work properly. It cannot operate without it.

Ossia VMS Enterprise holds all the capabilities of Provision VMS Standard, but thanks to its server/client working method it can be widely used for medium-sized video surveillance systems such as parks, schools, banks, chain stores, commercial building and more.

OSSIA VMS ENTERPRISE VERSION supports up to 3.000 cameras and it is a license based platform.

OSSIA VMS: Video Analytics

People counting management

Ossia VMS combines data from multiple counting cameras placed at the entrance/exit of a premise, providing real-time data on how many people are present in that certain premise at a certain time.

This insight allows the user to monitor visitor flow and occupancy and to take measures if occupancy exceeds the set threshold.

The same feature can be used for vehicle counting as well and find its exemplary application in the parking management field.

Easy-check management

EASY-CHECK is a high-performance contactless testing unit developed by Provision-ISR to prevent the spread of cross infections and viruses such as COVID-19.
This all-in-one device performs mask detection, temperature measurement and face recognition.
Easy-Check contactless testing unit can be integrated in Ossia VMS. The software collects:

  • Current day (or total) “pass through” detections
  • Current day (or total) “no mask” detections
  • Current day (or total) “high temperature” detections

Face recognition management

When Provision-ISR Face Recognition meets Ossia VMS, the integrated experience provides attentive 24/7 monitoring. The live video within the VMS can be used to identify strangers, threats, unrecognized persons, VIPs, employees, or other individuals.

LPR management

Provision-ISR License Plate Recognition cameras connected to the Ossia VMS
enables central management of black/white lists as well as the ability to trigger further events based on recognized license plates.

Focus: People Occupancy


Ossia VMS catalog

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Ossia VMS leaflet

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System requirements sheet

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Ossia VMS Enterprise Version

In order to receive Ossia VMS Enterprise Version, the user will be asked to fill a dedicated form and send it to Provision-ISR sales department. Provision-ISR sales team will tailor the Ossia VMS system according to your needs and offer you the correct hardware for your project

Download the form to request Ossia VMS Enterprise


Ossia VMS Standard Version