Provision-ISR has been in the CCTV market since 2007. Through the years, the Israeli company has gained the trust of the international security market and today the world is filled with thousands of projects carried by the brand.

Hospitals, Shopping Centers, Industrial Complexes, Hotels, Sport Facilities, Residential areas, Museums, Historical Buildings etc.
Provision-ISR CCTV solutions are developed to fulfill any kind of security requirement, from the most common to the most critical.

“We’re working hard to achieve our goal: bringing security where security is needed”.
Ari Pick – Provision-ISR CEO

Mövenpick Resort Cam Ranh – Vietnam (NEW PROJECT)

Almost 400 IP Cameras to safeguard one of Vietnam’s most impressive resorts A stylishly modern family resort ideal for discerning holidaymakers and corporate guests alike. Mövenpick Resort Cam Ranh offers the latest luxury comforts and exceptional service in well-appointed rooms, individual pool villas and apartments. The wide variety of facilities within the resort satisfies every taste and demand to suit the whole family, as a self-contained destination located directly on the beach. The large gardens around the resort add tropical colour and warmth to the space. The resort offers views across the 17km long white sand beach, considered one of the jewels of Vietnam’s vast coastline. Project scale: 383 Provision-ISR IP cameras have been installed in the resort facilities.   Installed devices: IP CAMERAS 285 x DI-390IP5SVF 82 x I3-390IP5SVF 2 x Z-30IPE-2(IR) 8 x FEI-360IP5 6 x Camera Hidden Pinhole: MC-392IP543 NVRs: 12 x NVR5-32800-16P (2U) ACCESSORIES: 1 x […]

PV Farms – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Surveillance of more than 100 photovoltaic farms across Poland The photovoltaic (PV) farm project is designed to supply power to the electricity grid. The project includes over 100 locations all over the country designed to boost renewable energy sources in the country and foster a transition to a low carbon emission economy. The project consists in the creation and delivery of CCTV surveillance of PV farm premises often in harsh weather conditions. Since 2019, over 2700 Provision-ISR IP cameras have been installed in the above-mentioned Polish PV farms. Currently Installed devices: 2700 X IP CAMERAS (Since 2019) I5PT-390IPX4P; I5PT-390IPX10P; I2-320IPS28 20 X NVRs (Since mid-2020)

Har HaMenuchot (mountain of rest) cemetery – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

DDA Analytics and face recognition cameras for surveillance against vandals in cemetery grounds “Har HaMenuchot” (mountain of rest) cemetery, the largest in Jerusalem, was opened for burial at the end of 1951 and serves all the communities in Jerusalem The necessity for 24/7 surveillance and analytics requirements like face recognition and object monitoring has led to the choice of Provision-ISR products. Dispersed across the cemetery are 110 DDA analytics and face recognition cameras (model DI-340IPE-MVF) which aside for the obvious surveillance purposes, are used as a tool to identify “serial vandals” and passing the information to the police, 8 face recognition cameras (model BX-321FR), three of them have an upgraded lens (model 01250DCMP-3), four 24-port PoE switches (model PoES-24380GCL+2SFP), a video decoder (model DEC-0104(1U)), 4 Ossia based 32 channels, face recognition NVR (model NVR8-32800RFA(2U)), and a management server with up to 3000 channels capabilities (model OC-MS-XL(1U)) for centralizing and controlling all the devices in the cemetery grounds including eulogy[…..]

Italian Ambassador’s Residence – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

Protecting the Italian Ambassador’s Residence with a system including Perimeter Security, DDA and Face Recognition Udi Goldfarb, the owner of “Kav-ISR”, a leading company in the field of low voltage and communications, an expert and reliable integrator who’s been working with the Italian Embassy in Israel for years, was asked to update the outdated security at the ambassador’s residence. After examining the place and careful planning, Udi has created a new infrastructure that will support a state-of-the-art security system with the most advanced technologies. Udi’s extensive experience in establishing security systems led to the selection of Provision-ISR products. The new system is designed to provide perimeter security on the grounds: 16 state-of-the-art bullet cameras (model: I4-340IPE-MVF) and 5 dome cameras (model: DI-340IPE-MVF) were installed in the garden area and fences, all support DDA (detection and alert technology for object infiltration) and facial recognition. As part of the cameras’ deployment, some[…..]

Pick n Pay – South Africa (NEW PROJECT)

Specialised Retail Security Supermarket Giant, Pick n Pay chose Provision-ISR as their preferred security equipment supplier. This includes general surveillance, as well as POS vertical solutions. This will be implemented in all their national grocery stores as well as liquor shops. Roll-out of installation in all their branches in South Africa will happen throughout 2021, dependending on governmental restrictions due to COVID-19. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS DI-390IP5S28I1-390IP5S36 HD CAMERAS I2-320A-28 NVRsNVR8-32800F(2U)NVR5-8200PX+(MM) DVRs SH-4100A5-2L(MM) PoE SWITCHES PoES-16250+2ComboPoES-08120C+2PoES-08130GC+2G

Shell Gasoline Station – The Netherlands (NEW PROJECT)

Numberplate detection in a gasoline station This project, carried out by our partner JHS Nederland, is an example of the implementation of Provision-ISR Smart Plate cameras in a gasoline station. The goal of the project was to provide surveillance and security for employees and customers alike and at the same time perform license plate detection. The installed system includes a 16-channel NVR, 2 LPR cameras and 8 IP cameras from the Eye-Sight series. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS: 2 x LPR cameras, 8 x I6-380IPE NVRs: 1 x 16ch NVR

Lotos Petrol Station – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Video surveillance for over 400 petrol stations Lotos Petrol Stations (Lotos Paliwa) is one of the leading petrol retailers on the Polish market counting over 400 stations across Poland. The project includes the modernization of surveillance systems in existing stations along with the completion of video surveillance in newly built gas stations. Depending on the size of each station, a different number of IP cameras have been installed. The client selected Provision-ISR S-Sight V2 IP solutions because of their great performances at value price. Installed devices (in each station): IP CAMERAS: I4-340IPC-MFV, I4-320IPS-VF, DI-320IPS-VF, BX-252IP5DAI-320IPS-28 NVRs: NVR5-8200X, NVR8-32800F.

OPAP SA Headquarters – Greece (NEW PROJECT)

EASY CHECK contactless testing unit for temperature check, mask detection and access control Due to the spread of COVID-19, more and more companies are taking measures to protect their employees and customers. Signal Electronics Security was chosen among various integrators from OPAP SA, one of the biggest corporations in Greece, to deploy an access control system in order to control 124 various door types within its premises. The specific request was a fever / mask detection solution, integrated with the existing access control system. Due to the volume of the people to be handled on a daily basis more than 1500 entries/exits every day, the selected unit must perform ultra-fast and with very high accuracy. Signal Electronics Security chose Provision-ISR EASY CHECK contactless testing unit. The device was easily programmed and worked almost out of the box with minimal effort. It was easily integrated with all doors and even turnstiles,[…..]

Together Pharma Cannabis Plants – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

DDA cameras for detection, monitoring, and protection against illegal intrusions, burglary, and theft in a cannabis farm Thanks to previous experience in security arrays and systems deployment, in and around cannabis crop farms in Israel and Uganda, the public company “Together Pharma” approached the highly accomplished, integration experts “Jackie & Shlomi Protection and Communications” who are well versed with security systems in large projects. Both parties have chosen, yet again, Provision-ISR’s products due to their advanced technological capabilities, such as object recognition technology(DDA ANALYTICS). 12 DDA cameras (together with 36 S-SIGHT V2 IP cameras) have been installed in the Israeli cannabis farms for detection, monitoring, and protection against illegal intrusions, burglary, and theft. “Together Pharma” is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). The company has a subsidiary named “Globus Pharma” Ltd which holds the franchise to grow, produce and distribute medical cannabis products.  The company has[…..]

Idea Bank – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

IP surveillance system for multiple bank offices and ATMs Idea bank is a polish bank operating since 1991, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises. The project consisted in the modernization of CCTV surveillance in the bank branches across Poland with an emphasis on securing the counters, the vault, the ATM area and the entrances. ATM thefts and suspicious ATM withdrawals across the world are further driving the need for high-quality video surveillance and Provision-ISR IP solutions perfectly answer the need for adequate security measures in any bank facility. Installed devices: 124 X IP CAMERAS   DI-390IP5S28, DI-390IP5S36, I1-390IP5SVF, I3-390IP5MVF+, I8-340IP5MVF+, DMA-250IP528, DI-250IP528, DI-320IPS-28, DI-350IP528, I3-350IP5SMVF, I4-340IPE-36,  11 X NVRs NVR5-4100X+(MM),  NVR5-8200X+(MM),  NVR8-16400A(1U),  NVR8-16400F(1U),  NVR8-16400FA(1U),  NVR8-32800F(2U),  NVR8-32800RFA(2U) 5 X POE SWITCHES: POES-0460C+2, POES-08120C+2, POES-16300GC+2SFP. .

Athens Capital MGallery Collection Hotel – Greece (NEW PROJECT)

An integrated IP system with a focus on aesthetics and functionality in a hotel-gallery with amazing works of art SIGNAL ELECTRONICS SECURITY undertook the design and installation of the integrated IP system of the historic hotel in Syntagma Square, with particular emphasis on the aesthetics and functionality required in a hotel-gallery with amazing works of art. The selected devices, belonging to Provision-ISR IP-V2 series feature a unique design: dynamic lines inspired by the latest Hi-Tech trends, original and distinctive red details making the case exclusive and easily recognizable: Provision-ISR new design has become Provision-ISR signature all over the world Athens Capital Hotel – MGallery is located in the very heart of Athens on Syntagma square just next to the Parliament House. The walls of Athens Capital Hotel-MGallery echo the modern history of the capital. In the late 1950s, Kostas Kitsikis designed the original building to house in 1959 the legendary King’s[…..]

Site in Longmeadow Business Park – South Africa (NEW PROJECT)

IP Security system to safeguard a logistics warehouse The client, an internationally known logistics company, reached out to Icon Security to secure their premises within Longmeadow Business Park in Gauteng, South Africa. Together with our distributor HiTek Security they deployed 105 Provision-ISR IP Cameras including cameras from our S-Sight and Eye-Sight series and our specialized Fisheye camera. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS I2-340IPS-28I4-340IPS-MVFI4-340IPE-36FEI-360IP5 NVRsNVR8-16400PFA(1U)NVR8-32800F(2U)NVR8-641600R(2U) .

Zwolle Dinoland – The Netherlands (NEW PROJECT)

Visitor safety in a dinosaur-themed educational park The educational activity park includes an indoor and outdoor environment with playgrounds and replicas of dinosaurs. The indoor area includes a paleo lab where gemstones can be found. Everything is about dinosaurs. The park mainly focuses on children up to 14 years old. In order to guarantee a safe stay for every visitor, a good view of all activities is of great importance. From the beginning, 30 Provision-ISR IP cameras connected to a 32 channel NVR have been installed to permit the centralized monitoring of the theme park. Installed devices: 30 X IP CAMERAS: I4-340IP5MVF DMA-340IP536 I4-250IP5VF I6-340IPE-MVF 1 X NVR: NVR5-32800(2U) .

Wsm Ochota (Moldawska 5) – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Surveillance network for a 144 apartments condominium complex Moldawska 5 is a modern five-story residential building with high windows, glass balcony loggias, and high-quality materials. The project consists of 114 functional, spacious, and bright apartments. The building features a mural on the sidewall that maps historic buildings of the district. The mural contributes to a high-quality urban space combining modernity with the memory of the past. The CCTV project consisted in the creation of a surveillance network for the condominium complex. The customer chose Provision-ISR HD cameras in 2MP. Installed devices: HD CAMERAS: 44 x I3-390AE36 8 x I3-390A36 3 x I3-3900A28 DVRs: 20 PCS (Since mid-2020) 36 x SH-4100A-2L 1 x SH-16200A5 ACCESSORIES: 55 x PTR-101VHD .

MF1 Knitwear Factory – Italy (NEW PROJECT)

Industrial complex security MF 1 KNITWEAR FACTORY was founded in 1974 when the production started with manual and hand-knitted knitting. Today the company works alongside the major international fashion brands. With over 9,000 items in the catalog, divided between garments and accessories, MF 1 archive is a real source of inspiration for fashion professionals, as well as a living testimony of the history of fashion where past and future are intertwined. The 12 IP cameras belonging to the Eye-Sight V2 series guarantee the highest security standard all over the industrial complex. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS 12 X DI-340IPEMVF NVRs 1 X NVR8-32800F-16P(2U) Poe SWITCHES 3 X PoES-0460C+2 .

Newlands Cricket Grounds – South Africa (NEW PROJECT)

Monitoring a prestigious sports building Newlands Cricket Ground in Cape Town is regarded as one of the most beautiful cricket grounds in the world. Newlands has a fully fledged Provision-ISR security solution in place. The most used camera there is the PTZ as it’s setup in such a way where the entire grounds can be monitored with ease. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS Z-30IPE-2(IR)DI-340IPE-MVF NVRsNVR8-8200FA .

Lior Adika – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

Store, office and warehouse surveillance through IP cameras “Lior Adika” is the cheapest skincare pharma chain-stores in Israel and offers a variety of cosmetics and toiletries from the leading companies, at affordable prices. Weighing the security requirements and surveying the branch’s area and space, the chain-store representatives together with Dudu Ben-Atar, have chosen Provision-ISR’s solutions to secure the new branch. 63 state-of-the-art IP cameras (models DAI-340IPE-28, DI-340IPS-28,  DI-340IPS-MVF,  DI-320IPS-28) were installed across the store, offices, and warehouse. The cameras within the store’s area were adapted to the unique ambiance lighting, some were clustered over long camera-arms, and some were mounted at body height, especially in the Perfumes’ designated area. Alongside the cameras, 63 junction boxes (model PR-JB14IP64) were used, three 24 port PoE switches (model PoES-24380GCL+2SFP), and all are connected to an Ossia based 64 channels NVR (model NVR5-641600(2U)). Lior Adika’s vision is to institute a renewed faith in consumers, both in terms of quality of service[…..]

Rozalin Palace – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Historical heritage building security The Palace complex in Rozalin is the former estate of a member of the Polish nobility. The 19th-century palace was designed by the Italian architect Enrico Marconi. Currently, the palace has undergone renovation works and serves as an event venue with a restaurant and hotel. The 32 IP cameras belonging to Provision-ISR Eye-Sight series guarantee the perfect coverage of the surveilled area. Installed devices: 32 X IP CAMERAS DI-390IP536, I3-250IP536, I8-340IP5MVF+ 2 X NVRs NVR8-16400PF(1.5U), NVR8-16400F(1U) .

Wezi-Tec Sp. z o.o. – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Modernization of the surveillance system monitoring manufacturing halls and offices The Weber Group is a leading manufacturer of automotive components with plants in Germany, Poland, and China. The Polish plant (Wezi-Tec Sp. z o.o.) is located in the city of Legnica with over 600 employees manufacturing complex pre-finished automotive interior modules. The project consisted in complete modernization of the surveillance system including manufacturing halls and office spaces. The surveillance system was upgraded from an obsolete HD system to a Provision-ISR IP V2 system. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS: 40x I2-320IPS-28, 17x DI-320IPS-28 NVRs 3x NVR8-32800RFA(2U) ACCESSORIES: 40x JB14IP66 .

Paint Manufacturing Plant – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Manufacturing plant and storage facilities surveillance The project concerns a renowned paint factory in southern Poland producing paints for residential and commercial applications. The company has a long history and works as a part of a large multinational corporation. The project included the modernization of the surveillance system in the manufacturing plant and adjacent storage facilities through the installation of a professional IP system branded Provision-ISR. Installed devices: IP CAMERAS: 37 x BX-342IP 19 x DI-390IPS36 5 x I3-250IP36 NVRs: 1 x NVR5-32800-16P(2U)  1 x NVR5-16400 (1U) 1 x NVR5-4100PX POE SWITCHES: 5 x POES-08120C-2I 4 x POES-0460C+2I .

Ceva Logistics – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

COVID-19 prevention through EASY-CHECK contactless testing unit CEVA Logistics Poland is a leading global logistics operator, providing dedicated solutions in contract logistics, air and sea freight, distribution and transport. Due to the spread of COVID-19 the company decided to protect their employees, installing the Easy-Check solution in 10 logistic centers across Poland. EASY-CHECK is a high-performance contactless testing unit developed by Provision-ISR to prevent the spread of cross infections and viruses such as Covid-19. This all-in-one device performs face recognition, mask detection and temperature measurement in accordance with the recent guidelines on safety and risk prevention. Installed devices: EASY-CHECK:  10 PCS .

Conad City Supermarket Torino – Italy (NEW PROJECT)

Surveillance for external and internal areas of retail store Conad is an Italian retail store brand which operates one of the largest supermarket chains in Italy. Founded in 1962, Conad is a cooperative system of entrepreneurs, dealing in large-scale distribution. The Conad City retail store, located in Francia (Torino) includes a food supermarket, a parapharmacy, a bar/ restaurant and a pet store. The aim of the project was to monitor the entire store as a whole, both externally (parking lots, entrances/exits, goods unloading areas) and internally (aisles and warehouse). Installed devices: IP CAMERAS 47x I3-250IP536 18x DI-350IP5SMVF 6x I4-250IP5VF NVRs: 1xNVR8-641600R(2U) 1xNVR8-32800F(2U) .

Touchless Car Washes – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Car washes surveillance across multiple locations The touchless car wash project included the modernization and installation of new video surveillance devices in many car washes across Poland. The goal of the project was to maintain surveillance over the carports along with the product dispensaries (i.e. windshield fluid/car cleaning products) ensuring the safety of all users. 175 Provision-ISR HD cameras and 32 IP cameras guaranteeing the best image quality were installed in different locations all over Poland. Installed devices: 175 X HD CAMERAS I3-390AHDE36+, I3-390AE36, I3-390A36, I3-390AEVF, I4-280AMVF, I4-350AVF, I4-390AEVF, I4-390AHDEVF+, I4-390AVF 13 X DVRs SH-16200A-2(1U), SH-16200A-2L(MM), SH-16200A5-5L(MM), SH-8200A-2, SH-8100A-2L(MM), SH-8100A5-8L(1U) SH-8100A5-8L(MM), SH-8200A-2L 32 X IP CAMERAS I1-390IPS36, I3-330IPSVF, I3-390IP536, I3-390IP536, I3-390IP5SVF 2 X NVRs NVR5-4100PX+(MM),  NVR8-16400A(1U) .

Tamir Nahalal Farm – Israel (NEW PROJECT)

Trespasser detection with DDA Analytics Cameras In 2020 the “Tamir Nahalal Farm’s owner approached Moshe Isaac, who owns “M.I. Security and Communication Systems” and together they chose Provision-ISR devices to monitor the farm 24/7. Their choice was due to the advanced video analysis functions that characterize Provision-ISR IP-V2 solutions (such as face recognition, vehicle/pedestrian detection, line-crossing, object monitoring, etc). The installation required cameras’ placement on two focal points simultaneously: cameras aimed at the cowshed and the farm fences, to detect the approach of strangers within a meter and a half from the fences. A lifting crane was used for camera installations on top of the fodder warehouse with fine-tuning the placements, to get full coverage of the entire farm. The “Tamir Nahalal Farm” located amidst the fields of moshav “Nahalal” (a cooperative Israeli settlement), specializes in raising & fattening imported young calves and selling them to the meat industry. The farm[…..]

Valletta Apartments 19 – Malta (NEW PROJECT)

Professional surveillance system for rental apartments Found in the heart of Malta’s capital city, Valletta Apartments 19 are a Boutique Rental Apartment Block situated on the upper part of the renowned St. Paul street. The goal of the project was for client to upgrade their old analogue video surveillance system with a professional high-resolution IP system. With their great performance at value price, Provision-ISR S-Sight and Eye-Sight cameras are a great solution for any residential application and hotel facility.  Installed devices: IP CAMERAS:8 x DI-330IPS361 x DMA-340IP5286 x DI-341IP5MVF1 x I3-250IP536 NVRs:2 x NVR5-8200PX(MM) .

FNB Stadium – South Africa

The installation company landed the contract to replace 20 PTZ cameras around the entrances to the stadium: The so called: “Ring of Fire”.The goal was to monitor crowd and traffic movement at a distance of up to 1000m with close-up views of the security checkpoints and turnstiles/entrances to the stadium. The installation company removed the existing equipment and secured the new Provision-ISR equipment on the 100mm posts. They used thinner posts in order to reduce problematic blind spots from the previous installation.In the first phase, the installation company installed five 2MP 30X UltraZ IP PTZ cameras, 2 thirty two channels NVRs featuring the latest software and 6x 6tb hard drives. The complete installation will also include NVRs featuring facial recognition capabilities, but this part of the project will manifest with the process of replacing 420 cameras inside the stadium (including a mix of static and PTZ IP cameras). The Customer[…..]

Cape Town Ice Rink – South Africa

The ice rink required a camera to follow the skaters on ice during public skating sessions and displaying the images in real-time on big screens in the rink, since no recording is allowed.CMS3 is being used to connect to the screen display system and the IP-KEY01 is used for camera control.The rink also has 20 Provision IP cameras (models DI-340IP5SMVF, I1-340IP536, I4-340IP5VF+, DI-340IP5S36, DI-340IP5S28) installed on a 32 channels NVR (model NVR5-3280-1U). ABOUT ICE RINK Ice Hockey is played right here in Cape Town at the new Olympic size venue, the Ice Station – Grand West Casino complex.The Western Province Ice Hockey Association, controls the sport in the Western Cape and has four member clubs.clubs: the Sharks, the Rams, the Eagles and a ladies team called: the Devils. They all play in the WPIHA league from each year, from February to October. The ladies however, play against visiting ladies teams[…..]

Johannesburg Stock Exchange – South Africa

The project consisted of full upgrade of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) 8 years old IP CCTV system.The installation company replaced the old devices with 38 IP Dome Cameras 4MP (model DI-340IP5S36 and DI-340IP5SMVF).The cameras protect both entry points and high risk areas and monitor all server racks in the data center. These racks hold the critical IT servers used to run the JSE as well as many other prestigious companies.NAS devices were also installed in order to guarantee 3 months of backed-up footage to meet compliance standards.The installation company was only able to work in the data center over the weekend to ensure not to disrupt any systems. The whole project was completed in two days. ABOUT JSE The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) offers secure, efficient primary and secondary capital markets across a diverse range of securities, supported by their post-trade and regulatory services. They are the market of[…..]

Renesola PV Solar Farms – Poland

The 2018 project consisted of the video surveillance of 74 PV solar farms located in both Poland and Hungary.The 870 IP cameras selected (model I5PT-390IPX10-P and model I5PT-390IPX4-P) feature 2 MP resolution and Optical Zoom x10 or X4.192 addittional PV solar farms will be monitored by Provision-ISR video surveillance in 2019 for a total of 2039 devices installed. ABOUT RENESOLA PV SOLAR FARMS Founded in 2005 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2008, ReneSola is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of green energy products. Leveraging its global presence with offices and warehouses in more than 16 countries, extensive production facilities and sales network, Renesola is well positioned to provide the highest quality green energy products and on-time services for EPC, installers and green energy projects around the world. .

PV Solar Farms – Germany / Poland

A Provision-ISR IP system was installed in 10 photovoltaic solar farms located in both Germany and Poland for a total of: – 391 2MP IP bullet cameras (model I4-390IPAVF and I4-390IP5MVF)– 23 thirty two channels NVRs (model NVR5-32800-1U)– 190 PoE switches (model POES0460C+2) ABOUT PV SOLAR FARMS Solar power in Germany consists almost exclusively of photovoltaics (PV) and accounted for an estimated 6.2 to 6.9 percent of the country’s net-electricity generation in 2016. About 1.5 million photovoltaic systems were installed around the country in 2014, ranging from small rooftop systems, to medium commercial and large utility-scale solar parks. Germany’s largest solar farms are located in Meuro, Neuhardenberg and Templin, Brandenburg – with capacities over 100 MW.Germany, has been amongst the world’s top PV installers for several years, with a total of installed capacity amounting to 41.3 gigawatts (GW) by the end of 2016, behind only China.Germany’s official governmental goal is[…..]

De’ Mayo Palace – Italy

The project consisted of replacing an old video surveillance system (very expensive in terms of maintenance), with 63 Provision-ISR AHD cameras (model I3-340AHD36, I4-340AHDVF, I4-350AVF and I3-350A36) connected to 5 sixteen channels DVRs model SH-16200A-5(1U).The 5MP cameras, guarantee a much better visualisation and allow the user to configure intelligent analytics functions.The DVRs were installed in 3 different racks using the existing customer’s infrastructure and VLANs were created to separate the networks. ABOUT DE MAYO PALACEPalazzo de’ Mayo is a monumental building of extraordinary value that stands in the old city of Chieti. A sixteenth & eighteenth century palace with noticeable dimensions and significant architectural and artistic impact in the urban reality of the city.Over the centuries, the building has undergone amalgamations of more housing units, from which a unit building complex of great consistency and quality was generated. Purchased by the Foundation Carichieti, the building has been the subject of[…..]

Florence National Central Library – Italy

The goal of the project was to monitor, both the perimeter of the library complex and the internal areas which are open to the public.The implementation of it was by the restructuring and strengthening of the internal and external video surveillance system which included new cameras, new recordingdevices, and new wiring.The project was performed with the installation of the following device:– 58 AHD dome cameras 2MP varifocal lens (model DI-390AHDVF)– 9 AHD bullet cameras 2MP varifocal lens (model I4-390AHDVF)– 15 IP bullet cameras 4MP varifocal lens (model I4-340IP5VF)– 6 sixteen channels DVRs (model SA-16200AHD-2-1U)– 1 sixteen channels NVRs (model NVR5-16400) ABOUT THE NATIONAL CENTRAL LIBRARY The National Central Library of Florence (Italian: Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, BNCF) is one of the two central libraries of Italy, along with the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale of Rome.The public national library is the largest in the Country and one of the most important[…..]

Hoodies Group Retail Stores – Israel

With the aim of minimizing theft, including shoplifting and employee theft, Provision-ISR provides retail security for any sized location (from large superstores to small shops).All 350 Hoodies Group retail stores feature a 4 to 32CH Provision-ISR CCTV system with a combination of both IP and HD cameras. Each regional manager can monitor each single store in his region through the ProvisionCam2 App.Head office managers can monitor the stores through Provision-ISR CMS. ABOUT HOODIES GROUP RETAIL STORES Founded in 2007 and based in Rosh HaAyin, Hoodies Ltd. is 1 of the biggest fashion groups in Israel.The three fashion chain stores managed by the group include the clothing chain store: Hoodies, the accessories chain store: Top Ten, and the sunglasses chain store: Carolina Lemke Berlin with a total of 350 stores. .

Smurfit Kappa Group PLC – Poland (NEW PROJECT)

Manufacturing facilities and offices surveillance Smurfit Kappa Group plc is Europe’s leading corrugated packaging company and one of the leading paper-based packaging companies in the world. The goal of the project was to implement the video surveillance in the production lines, offices and the manufacturing facilities. Provision-ISR IP and HD solutions added huge benefits to the industrial site, preventing sabotage threats, as well as robberies of raw supplies. Installed devices: 72 X HD CAMERAS DI-390AHDB36, DI-390AHDE36+, DI-390AVF, I3-390A36, I3-390AE36, I3-390AHDE36, I4-350AVF, I4-390AVF, DI-350A28, BX-391A+ 0550DCMP-3, I3-390A28 4 X DVRs SH-16200A-5(1U), SH-16200A5-5L(1U), 24 X IP CAMERAS DI-390IP5S28, DI-390IP5SVF, DI-390IP5S36, DI-340IPE-28, DMA-340IP536, I1-390IP5S36, I4-340IPS-MVF 1 X NVRs NVR8-32800F(2U) .

Pisa Central Railway Station – Italy

The project consisted of the complete replacement of the video surveillance system.The selected devices (3MP and 5MP IP cameras model DI-330IPS36 and I3-350IPS5MVF and 32 channels NVR model NVR5-32800-2U) have been installed to cover the entire railway station area: 8 lifts, all the tunnels under the tracks and all the lines of the external tracks.The installation also included 4 PoE switches (model POES-8120C+2) ABOUT PISA CENTRAL RAILWAY STATION Pisa Centrale is the main train station in the city and one of the main rail hubs for Tuscany.The station opened in early 1871, replacing an older one elsewhere in the city, and was rebuilt after suffering serious damage in World War II.About 15 million people make their way through the station every year, and the most common destinations served by Pisa are Florence, Rome, La Spezia, Lucca, Genoa, Livorno, Naples, and Turin.There are 16 platforms at Pisa Centrale, and the station[…..]

Rishpon’s Security Project – Israel

The proj The project includes a full deployment of more than 150 pcs of IP and HD cameras with around 20 different recorders in the village monitoring public areas, kindergarden, city hall and challenging sites with no electrical infrastructure.The biggest challenge was to achieve the level of face & vehicle recognition under difficult lighting conditions.All equipment is centralized to a monitor station operating 24/7.On top of the village public cameras, any private house featuring Provision-ISR CCTV, is also welcome to connect its system to the monitor station and by that being added to the village overall surveillance system.The project has been very successful for the last 4 years and has become a role model for other communities around. ABOUT RISHPONLocated 14 km away from Tel Aviv, Rishpon is a moshav in the Central District of Israel with a population of 1060 people. The moshav was founded in 1936 as a[…..]

Inowrocław City Monitoring – Poland

In 2017 t 70 Provision-ISR speed dome cameras, (model Z-30IPE) will monitor the main squares and streets of the Polish city. 21 of them were already installed at the time of the book publication. ABOUT INOWROCŁAWInowrocław is a city in north-central Poland with a total population of 74,803 in 2014.The town is the 5th largest agglomeration in its voivodeship (province), and is a major railway junction, where the west-east line (Poznań–Toruń) crosses the Polish Coal Trunk-Line from Chorzów to Gdynia.The industrial town is located about 40 kilometres (25 miles) southeast of Bydgoszcz known for its saltwater baths and salt mines.

Refineria Pemex Ciudad Madero – Mexico

In 2017 the CCTV system installed in one of the refineries managed by Pemex (the one located in Ciudad Madero) was replaced by a new one, consisting of: – 100 IP dome cameras 2MP fixed lens (model DI-390IPS36)– 2 thirty two channels NVRs (model NVR3-32800(2U))– 2 eight ports GIGA PoE switches (model PoES-08120G) ABOUT REFINERIA PEMEX CIUDAD MADERO Petróleos Mexicanos (trademarked and better known as Pemex) is the Mexican state-owned petroleum company, created in 1938 by nationalisation or expropriation of all private, foreign, and domestic oil companies at that time.Since its foundation, Petróleos Mexicanos has struggled and has merged with the Mexican economy to become the development engine that, for several generations, has been and remains the pride of the Mexican people.In Pemex, as they strive to evolve, they take as axis: productivity, safety, health and environmental protection.Looking for the maximization of value, Pemex features two subsidiaries: one of exploration[…..]

Neot Hovav Recycling Center – Israel

Due to the large number of thefts, there was a need to deploy cameras that cover the all factory’s area.Despite the difficulties in the installation (Fiber optic layout, High-altitude installations) 60 security 3MP IP cameras were installed around the factory, controlled by 2 thirty two channels NVRs.Software: Provision-ISR CMS allows the authorized managers to enter and view the system. ABOUT ELCON RECYCLING CENTER Elcon is an industrial wastewater treatment service provider, addressing the needs of companies with highly polluted aqueous hazardous wastes, mainly in the chemical and pharmaceutical markets. Elcon revolutionary approach introduces an integrated solution, using innovative thermal oxidation technology, which treats a wide array of organic effluents – guaranteed to treat even the most difficult organic wastewater.Neot Hovav industrial park was founded in 1975, about 12 km south to Beer Sheva and represents a unique model for sustainable industry.This is a model for regional development combining industry with[…..]

Dobroplast Fabryka Okien sp. z o.o – Poland

The project consisted of the installation of a brand new access control and CCTV system including 180 2MP IP cameras (model I3-390IPAVF+ and DI-390IPAVF) and 16 thirty two channels NVRs (model NVR5-32800-16P). ABOUT DOBROPLAST FABRYKA OKIEN Sp. z o.o Dobroplast Window Factory was established in 2000 in Stary Laskowiec, near Zambrów and this is where the main production plant is located.Since the beginning, the main goal was to conquer the worldwide market. Many years of activity have resulted in numerous awards and prizes, such as: Leader of Construction Joinery, Gold Pilar of Construction , Gold Medal for Skylight Premium PVC roof window, Construction Brand of the Year, Crystal Profile, Company Credibility Certificate.

Polonia Palace Hotel – Poland

82 pcs of AHD and IP 2MP cameras (together with NVRs and DVRs) were installed in the main common areas of the hotel. ABOUT POLONIA PALACE HOTEL WARSAW The Polonia Palace Hotel, opened its doors for business in Warsaw, on the 14th of July 1913.Its founder, Konstanty G. Przeździecki, chose the name to remind all Poles, that despite being unrecognized as an independent state, Poland should always exist in hearts and minds of all its citizens.Today, the hotel offers 206 elegant rooms and 10 conference and banquet rooms in which guests can hold numerous social events, business meetings and press conferences.The hotel attracts thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad throughout the calendar.Renowned politicians and artists are frequent guests. The Hotel, in-house, is a quintessential filming destination for music videos, commercials and films.

Wojewódzki Szpital Zespolony w Płocku – Poland

The constant development and modernization in terms of ultimate diagnostic methods, fully equipped laboratories and new departments also included the installation of a brand new Provision-ISR CCTV system including:– 81 4MP IP dome cameras, fix lens (model DI-340IP528)– 44 4MP IP dome cameras, motorized varifocal lens (model DI-340IP5SMVF)– 18 4MP IP bullet cameras, varifocal lens (model I4-251IP5VF)– 2 sixty four and hundred twenty eight channels NVRs (model NVR5-641600-2U and NVR5-128RT-3U) ABOUT WOJEWÓDZKI SZPITAL ZESPOLONY W PŁOCKU The Hospital in Płock, is one of the largest health care facilities operating in the north-western Mazovia 2015, the expansion of the provincial hospital in Płock, has brought about significant improvements in the provision of paediatric, oncology, bacteriology and dialysis. The 12,337 m2 of modernised floor space in the two-storey building now provides 75 new beds and a total of 16 new dialysis stations. The dialysis machinery allows many more people access to[…..]

Cerro Alto Condominium – Costa Rica

The high-end compound of Cerro Alto, includes more than 300 luxury houses.This well known residencial complex was partially covered by a Provision-ISR video surveillance system featuring 75 IP cameras (model I3-331IP536, I4-331IP5VF, DAI- 331IP536 and DAI-340IP536), 5 sixteen channels NVRs (model NVR5-164001U) and 5 PTZ cameras (model Z-20IP-2IR) installed in a control room.The installation was completed with 26 PoE switches (model POES-0460C+2 and POES-24370+2). ABOUT CERRO ALTO CONDOMINIUM Cerro Alto is one of the most exclusive gated communities of the Central Valley.Located in the heart of Escazu, its location is ideal with easy access to the best stores, banks, restaurants, schools, the Multiplaza Mall, the Cima Hospital, Avenida Escazu, etc. The common areas include two swimming pools (one recreational and one semi Olympic), tennis court, social area, clubhouse, gym, green areas and parking.The condominium also has a 24/7 guard services with controlled access and closed circuit TV throughout the condominium[…..]

Givat Shmuel 3-towers Building – Israel

This complex in Givat Shmuel features 3 residential towers with a 4 story parking lot of 6000 meters.25 Provision-ISR 2MP IP cameras (model I4-390IPAVF, I3-390IPA36 and DI-390IPSVF) were installed in each tower in order to monitor the main entrance of the buildings, lobbies, elevators entrances, playroom entrances and all parking lots.The cameras, connected to 2 sixteen channels NVRs, return clear images that can be visualized from the maintenance manager’s room who can watch all the towers simultaneously. ABOUT GIVAT SHMUEL 3-TOWERS BUILDING Givat Shmuel, one of the fastest-growing cities in the center of Israel, has doubled its population within the last few years and now numbers 24,000 people.The massive construction boom and continuing urban development process are expected to bring that number to 45,000.The city was named as the Most Prosperous Small City and received five stars from the Council for a Beautiful Israel.With open green spaces, commercial, hi-tech and[…..]

Biblical Zoo – Israel

The installation company had to deal with a few challenges related to the very dark lighting environment on one hand and to the aquarium dazzling lighting on the other. In order to overcome the “problematic” lighting conditions, the camera needed to be able to identify faces and deal with dazzling and dark with LUX especially low.The selected IP cameras (model BX-251IP, DAI-340IP5VF, DI-390IPS36 and I5PT-390AX10) met these requirements.The installation company also had to overcome large distances (400 meter between the cameras and the recording device (NVR5-32800-1U) using switches able to amplify the signal and video. ABOUT BIBLICAL ZOO Stretching across almost 100 acres, the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is ranked year after year, as one of the top tourist sites in Israel, attracting over 750,000 visitors annually.The Zoo opened in Malha neighborhood in 1993, having been located in various locations in Jerusalem since 1941. The establishment of the zoo in its[…..]