Provision-ISR Ossia OS is one of the most innovative operating systems available in the market developed by Provision-ISR engineers for the management of all Provision-ISR’s DVRs and NVRs.

The OS offers full compatibility and full control over Provision-ISR IP cameras while keeping any action simple and intuitive.

The firmware is based on the most advanced SOC technology and boasts a user friendly graphical interface.

New Features

HTML Video Streaming:

Starting this version, the notorious plug-in is no longer needed.
You no longer need to use IE! Feel free to choose any of the major internet browsers in their latest versions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari Etc.)

(Using Fish-Eye cameras will still require IE with plug-in since HTML video cannot perform dewarping).

Improved remote Web-Client:

The lack of the Plug-in has “unleashed” the capabilities of the web-client. The new web-client now features the following improvements:

  1. Fully functional analytics bar (similar to the local interface) from which the user can search, playback, and add objects to the databases.
  2. “In-channel sequences” and “Customized display modes” that were initially created in the local interface, are now available on the remote web-client as well.
  3. Playback can now search “Advanced Analytics”

P2P Secured connection to the Provision Cam2 mobile App (v1.8.0):

Starting from v1.4.5 there could be only one device owner (Admin).

The device owner will be the only one able to share the device with others, so he will have full control of who can connect to the device using the Mobile App

ONVIF G/T Support (v1.4.6):

This version is ONVIF compatible, meaning that you will be able to connect the NVRs to professional VMS that support ONVIF protocol and get live view, alarms, audio and playback.

Alarm out mode selection:

From now on, the user can choose if the NVR integral alarm out will work in NC or NO mode.

New PTZ Series Support (v1.4.6):

V1.4.6 will support the new features offered by our new PTZ line such as DDA auto tracking.

Scheduled Object Counting report:

Object counting channels can now send daily/weekly/monthly reports of the counting statistics.

IPv6 support:

From now on, it is possible to add a camera to an NVR using the camera’s IPv6 address.

DDNS status:

The system shows an indication for the DDNS connection status.

Separated RTSP:

The RTSP feature is now separated from the API section, and, unlike before, it can be activated remotely.

NTFS support:

USB disk formatted to NTFS file system will now be supported and readable by the NVR.

Full Features


  • H.265 Encoding Support*
  • Manual Alarm Output
  • Up to 8MP Support*
  • 4K (Ultra HD) Support*
  • Full Analytics Support
  • Enhaneced Security Features
  • Advanced Network Protocols (QoS, 801.X, HTTPS support )
  • Scheduled Push Notifications
  • E-mail Notifications
  • CMS Feature*
  • SNMP Protocol
  • PoS
  • Analytics for analog DVR*
  • Fisheye support (only 2MP NVRs) • Face recognition support (only NVRs with F in the code)
  • Dual IP configuration
  • Support HDD Hibernation and encryption
  • 4k output upgraded to 60Hz
  • Mic
  • HFR
  • All IPC analytics supported by NVR, such as people counting
  • New Face features
  • Advanced Analytics support (DDA Object Detection)
  • Improved Face Recognition interface • New intuitive DDA analytics settings interface
  • LPR (License Plate Recognition) Camera support
  • Scheduled Email Statistics from Object counting channels
  • USB Flash disk NTFS support
  • Emails triggered by AI events will include the snapshot images.


  • New and Intuitive Picture Slice Search • Instant Sub Stream Playback
  •  One-Click Backup
  •  Smart Time Bar View and Control
  •  Multiple Backup Tasks
  •  FTP Backup
  •  Smart search*
  •  RAID function (only 64/128CH NVRs) • Log improvements such as 6 month, Operator IP address
  • Encrypted video backup
  • Live view of captured license plates
  • Search for a specific license plate • Small video popout when pointing to the Time Bar


  • In-Channel Playback
  • In-Channel Sequence*
  • In-Channel Digital Zoom
  • In-Channel PTZ Operations • Improved Fish-Eye Interface


  • Advanced HDD Management
  • Double Stream Recording
  • Situation Dependent Recording
  • Default Username/Password Configuration
  • RTSP Input configuration
  • Dynamic Hybrid*
  • Cloud upgrading
  • Get video stream and alarm status from other devices (FW 1.3.3)
  • CCTV mode on PoE NVR
  • Independent HDMI and VGA output settings (NVR only)
  • Alarm out name modification
  • Limit recording time per channel
  • Master/Sub/Dual Stream record selection
  • Audio output settings
  • API Server
  • Auto Tracking Configuration (For the coming PTZ line)
  • Full IPv6 Support
  • Local alarm output NO/NC configuration
  • Added colors for POS input
  • UDP / Multicast POS support


  • New and Intuitive Design
  • Full Configuration Capabilities
  • Remote Playback with Time Bar
  • Real time Sub stream Configuration
  • Multiple Configuration Sessions
  • Full PTZ Control
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Cloud live backup and configuration
  • Upgrading through web client
  • Full analytics search capabilities
  • “Plug-in free” web-client supporting Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Etc.
  • RAID Configuration Support
  • Enhanced web-client with Object detection, Customized display modes and In-channel Sequence